Get visibility into your cloud performance

Speedchecker CloudPerf uncovers the worldwide performance of your CDN and cloud infrastructure with ISP last-mile level of detail.

Speedchecker in numbers

Over 200 million
speed tests recorded
Measurement network
with over 100,000 nodes
More than 3 million people
use our services every month

What we do

Uncovering cloud and CDN performance

Are you evaluating cloud and CDN providers? Are you struggling to present the performance of your cloud service to your potential customers? Speedchecker CloudPerf allows you to monitor your cloud infrastructure from locations that matter the most for your business so you can make sure you are delivering the best possible experience to your customers.

Troubleshooting for network operation teams

Getting end-to-end visibility into the performance and availability of your CDN or cloud infrastructure will give you the ability to instantly troubleshoot network problems. Speedchecker ProbeAPI will give you access to real-time tests on our global monitoring network consisting of over 100,000 nodes.

Speed test solutions for ISPs

Speedchecker helps a wide range of customers from small websites to telecoms and media companies in evaluating the performance of their networks.

Broadband performance research for ISPs, regulators and media

We offer unique data sets on broadband usage worldwide. Our data has been used in scientific research as well as helping organizations to understand broadband performance and has guided investment into broadband infrastructure.

Our Clients