Benefits of mobile native apps

Companies who want to start serving mobile users have few options to take

HTML5 / Mobile web

This technology allows quickly launching your mobile version of the website and serve customers who would otherwise leave your website without performing their speed test. While this technology provides quick access to the results, the wide variety of mobile devices and their performance makes it impossible to create speed test engine that would be accurate for all. It also does not create customer lock-in where user has easy access to your service via app icon on the home screen.

Hybrid apps

Hybrid apps are HTML5 apps that are wrapped inside a native app. It provides better discovery and customer lock-in but performance and quality issues remain.

Native apps

Native apps are fast and create customer lock-in. They can also provide additional features and more importantly better monetization. There are also studies and facts that show that in overwhelming numbers they are preferred by consumers over the HTML5 or hybrid apps.

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